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Rotary Parts Washer Rinses and Dries

July 1, 2008
Guyson Corp., Saratoga Springs, NY, has upgraded its Orbit 800 rotary-table parts washer to incorporate expanded cleaning-process capabilities and a touchscreen control panel.

The Orbit 800 has a standard 750-lb.-capacity stainless-steel wire-mesh basket that is 5 in. deep and 31.5 in. in dia. at a loading height of 32 in. Spray bars surround the gearmotor-driven rotary table on three sides, each with

Rotary parts washer rinses and dries
an array of V-spray jets to ensure strong impingement of cleaning solution on the top, bottom and sides of components loaded in the slowly revolving basket.

A thermostat-controlled 12-kW electric immersion heater maintains the aqueous cleaning solution at the desired temperature, to a maximum of 180 C. The standard 2-hp vertical sealless pump delivers as much as 50 gal./min. at a line pressure of 40 psi. Single or dual in-line cartridge- or bag-type filters remove particulates from the recirculating wash solution before it enters the spray bars. Solid contaminants such as chips and debris are removed from the fluid as it returns to the wash tank by a strainer basket located below the process chamber.

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