Intelligent Sensors Aim to Enhance Management of Compressed-Air Systems

May 28, 2024

kaeser-compressors-kaeser-measurement-technology-sensorsKaeser Compressors has launched Kaeser Measurement Technology (KMT), a comprehensive suite of intelligent sensors designed to deliver real-time insights and optimize the performance of compressed-air systems.

"In today's data-driven manufacturing landscape, effective compressed-air system monitoring is critical for maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs,” says Timothy Hitzges, system integrator at Kaeser Compressors. “KMT empowers users to gain a deeper understanding of their compressed-air operations, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that optimize performance and reduce energy consumption.” 

Among key features and benefits:

• Universal connectivity: KMT devices leverage power over ethernet (PoE) for simplified installation and reduced cabling costs. 

• Versatility: KMT devices can be applied across various applications, including high-pressure booster systems. 

• Real-time data streaming: Energy and flow analyzers can stream a multitude of data points in real-time.

• Actionable insights: Specific data points can trigger automated actions within the compressed-air station. For example, with an additional logic controller and wiring, the ambient analyzer can monitor room temperature and automatically adjust inlet or exhaust dampers to maintain optimal operating conditions.


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Technologies: Sensing/Electronics/IOT


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