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High-Speed, Eccentric-Shaft Mechanical Press

February 6, 2024

Stamtec-HS2-High-Speed-Two-Point-Mechanical-PressStamtec has unveiled its HS2 series of high-speed mechanical presses, with an eccentric shaft engineered to be stronger than a traditional crankshaft. The HS2 series is available either flywheel-driven with its eccentric shaft directly coupled to the flywheel with no reduction gearing for higher speeds, or gear-driven with its eccentric shaft with reduction gearing for more torque at slower speeds. It is equipped with precision, dynamic balancing for vibration reduction. Standard on all HS2 presses are motorized slide adjustment, e-stops, air connectors and automatic oil cooling. Capacities in 110, 165, and 220 tons, with speeds to 500 strokes/min. Other press features include a recirculating lubrication system with oil cooling and heating and hydraulic stick-release device.

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