New 300-Ton Aida Servo Press Increases Productivity at Graham Stamping

October 6, 2021

aida-servo-press-graham-stampingAida-America, Dayton, OH, congratulates Graham Stamping Co., Hermitage, PA, on the installation of a 300-ton Model DSF-N2-3000 unitized-frame Aida servo press. Company president David MacHarg III notes, “One of the features we like is how intelligent the press is at protecting itself, how it can stop itself if it feels like something isn’t safe or set up correctly, even beyond the die sensors.” 

In terms of increased productivity, when Graham Stamping moves an automotive anti-rotation bracket (shown here) from a conventional mechanical press to the servo press, it realized a 49-percent productivity increase. This progressive-die part includes a coining operation at both ends and is stamped from 0.108 in.-thick HSLA steel. 

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