Mobile Die-Change Console Designed for Low Press Beds, Cramped Conditions

February 3, 2022

roemheld-mobile-die-change-consoleRoemheld has introduced a mobile console for enabling die changes on low press beds and in difficult-to-access environments.  Easily integrated into partially or fully automated processes, the unit combines a standard die-changing console with an electric push chain drive and is optionally available as a mobile unit with guide rollers. Die capacity: 50 tons. 

Once at the press, an integrated docking system ensures that the console firmly attaches to the press. With the die placed on the console by forklift or crane, the push chain drive then moves it to its final position in the press via integrated roller and ball bars. Optionally, the die can be inserted semi or fully automatically at speeds to 2 m/min., with individual sensors and stops integrated into the control.

Operate the changing console with the press control or with an optional separate control.

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