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Roemheld Rail-Guided Die-Changing System Handles Loads to 40 Tons

October 17, 2023

Roemheld-RWS-die-change-systemThe new RWS-model rail-guided die-changing system from Roemheld North America combines a standard rail-guided transport cart on a round track system and an electric-motor-driven push-pull chain or linear-drive unit for loading dies in and out of a press.  Both systems form a safe, cost-effective die-changing solution, company officials say, for die weights to 40 tons. The cart runs on special round rails with low rolling resistance optimal for linked presses and the transport of heavy tools over several stations. Additionally, quick-clamping systems in the press result in a complete system for quick and safe die changes.

The unique round track system reportedly is superior to other rail-type transport setups due to its insensitivity to dirt, extremely low rolling resistance and relatively simple method for installation.   

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