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Force-Control Systems for Tooling

March 1, 2008
Force-Control systems for tooling

Hyson Products, Brecksville, OH, focuses on its comprehensive line of controllable-force-generating systems that give stampers the ability to control the force curve and even lock down the system so that no force at all is generated on the return stroke of the press.

The new SRS smooth-return nitrogen-gas-spring series is featured, with built-in return-stroke speed dampening that reduces pad bounce by as much as 90 percent. A working model of a hydraulic Di-Dro system demonstrates the delay-return option that reduces pad interference during part transfer, and maintains part quality when other systems cause the part to turn inside out. Other controllable products on display: DRAC positive-lock and DRAC 2 soft-lock delay-return manifolds, and the CS2 series of controllable gas springs.

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