JV Manufacturing Expands into Plastics

June 18, 2021

JV Manufacturing, a carbide tool and die manufacturer located in Natrona Heights, PA, recently launched a full-line solution for a plastic-strip part for one of its longtime partners in the stamping industry. Eager to enter new markets and satisfy the growing demands of the packaging industry, the plastic strips represent an expansion of an existing product line.

JV Manufacturing created the part from coiled plastic strip, processed through its inhouse-designed and built stamping tool, successfully meeting all of the desired outcomes for the project and producing 4000 parts/min.--20 times the previous rate. The finished product underwent visual inspection and was then rewound into coil for further processing.  Ultimately, the firm built two new stamping dies for the project, using an innovative tooling design that enables it to quickly change over among eight different part configurations, and also allow for easy disassembly for servicing.

“The expansion into plastics will allow us to meet the needs of many more businesses in markets we once didn’t have the capacity to reach,” says company president Ryan Vecchi.

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