Precision Micro-Machining Setup Features Horizontal Wire-Feed System

January 1, 2014

Makino, Auburn Hills, MI, introduces its UPN-01 ultra-precision horizontal wire EDM for micro-tolerance and fine surface-finish applications. Designed with a horizontal wire-feed system, the machine feeds wire as fine as 0.00078 in. Its oil dielectric configuration also makes the machine an ideal solution for high-accuracy machining of carbide and other hardened materials.

Says Brian Pfluger, Makino’s EDM product manager: “The UPN-01 achieves a surface finish as fine as 0.17 µm Rz and accuracies to ±0.5 µm.” Work envelope is 1.29 in. in the Z axis, with x- and y-axis travel of 6.29 in., with additional U- and V-axis travels of ±0.27 in. The UPN-01 will accommodate a maximum workpiece size of 5.90 by 5.90 by 1.57 in., with a maximum payload of 17.63 lb. including the tool holder.

The machine also is configured with a precision rotary C-axis to hold and index the workpiece, which provides rotational positioning accuracies of ±2 arc-sec. Due to the machine’s horizontal configuration, the conventional worktable is replaced with a frame or clamp style tooling system, which also can be automatically exchanged using an optional 16-station automatic work-changer system.

Minimum start hole diameter: of 0.00118 in.; maximum taper-angle capacity: ±6 deg. with a 0.00393-in.-dia. wire and 1.57-in. plate thickness.

The machine’s horizontal wire-feed system allows for automatic threading of fine wire diameters by using a combination of forced air through the workpiece, and simultaneously clean start holes to eliminate troublesome wire-guide maintenance.

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