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“In addition to the quick pass-line-height adjustment on the CWP feed line, fast changeovers also result from use of automatic hydraulic die clamps (from Kosmek), the use of standardized subplates, and installation of locator pins in the bolster plates of the presses. The Wintriss press control automatically downloads tool-setup parameters into the feeder, simplifying tool changes. Likewise, the precision shape-correction leveler includes a punch-and-go recipe from which we can select all jobs as well as create benchmarks for setup of new jobs.”

Durable and dependable feed lines shoulder much of the responsibility for Voss Clark’s customer satisfaction. Clearly its new blanking line has broad shoulders. MF
Industry-Related Terms: Model, Point, Run, Scale, Scrap, Stroke, Transfer, Bed, Blank, Blanking, Die, Edge, Lines
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See also: Wintriss Controls Group LLC, Formtek-ME

Technologies: Coil and Sheet Handling, Pressroom Automation


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