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Chemcoaters Launches InterCoat ChemGuard for Body-in-White Systems

April 6, 2021

Chemcoaters, Gary, IN, a provider of anticorrosion metal coatings, has for the first time passed body-in-white (BIW) testing, allowing customers to use its products in the automotive supply chain. Its products include the InterCoat ChemGuard line, a portfolio of corrosion-inhibiting coatings that extend zinc life and protect galvanized and galvannealed steels from rust.

While previously used primarily as a stand-alone corrosion-inhibiting coating, recent developments have allowed Chemcoaters to bring the line into post-paint markets as a hybrid pretreatment or primer.

The BIW testing was conducted jointly with a leading supplier of BIW chemistries and a major transportation OEM. Both groups approved ChemGuard’s compatibility through all stages of the BIW process. Completed studies showed no interference with, or negative impact on, bath chemistries in the cleaning or pretreatment sections. ECoat-primer compatibility testing illustrated flawless adhesion, free of any visual defects. In the full automotive paint system, accelerated testing showed improved performance in paint creep and general corrosion.

Because ChemGuard can be tailored to prevent issues like stone-chipping and oil or dust accumulation around sensitive electronic components, Chemcoaters officials anticipate its use on parts prone to rust or exposed to extreme conditions. ChemGuard also offers robust self-healing and cut-edge protection to a number of compatible galvanized substrates.


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